Live Training Schedule

Foundations in Hypnosis Now available online 
This is my beginner-intermediate class that will take you from a novice curiosity seeker to a functional hypnotist in a very short timeframe.

Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis Now available online
This training covers 7 hypnotic language patterns, Dynamic Mental Imagery, embedded commands and loops, and much more.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques Now available online
This course assumes that the attendee already has a fundamental understanding and practical application of hypnosis. This course covers advanced therapeutic techniques for working with fears and phobias; how to safely use age regression in therapy; forgiveness therapy; integration work; and much more.

Entertainment Hypnosis Now available online
This course also assumes a basic understanding of hypnosis and will cover a range of entertainment applications from demonstrations to Street Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis. We will also cover show structure and character development. We will also get into aspects of business development and marketing.

Monetizing Your Hypnosis Business Next class will be 2019
This course is all about the business and how to generate revenue, beyond just seeing clients. No previous hypnosis experience or training is required. We will spend a lot of time on product creation (Books/eBooks, DVD's, CD's, etc.); Marketing; Creating multiple streams of income, and much more. You are encouraged to bring a laptop with you, but you are not required to.