Michael White Hypnosis Academy

Take A Trance For Change


Entertainment Hypnosis

ATTENTION: Master Hypnotist Teaches You How To Use Hypnosis For Fun And Profit While Entertaining And Educating Peopl...

2 monthly payments of $200.00 USD

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How To Conduct A Stop Smoking Session For Client Success Online Training

Hi Hypnotist Michael White here, and I want to talk to you about a new training that I just released that will help y...

$200.00 USD

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Creativity Unleashed

Guided Hypnosis Audio and Video to help you unleash unlimited inspiration and creativity

$27.00 USD

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Houston Area Hypnosis Group VIP Membership Subscription

Welcome to the Houston Area Hypnosis Group This is an open forum group, whose charter is to increase the public educ...

$194.00 USD

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Instant and Rapid Inductions Workshop

Instant and Rapid Inductions are the best way to work with your clients. These techniques allow you get your clients ...

$194.00 USD

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Street Hypnosis Boot-Camp - RAW!

Gain access to the raw footage from an impromptu "Street Hypnosis Boot-Camp" conducted by Hypnotist Michael White, in...

$149.00 USD

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Q & A from YouTube Subscribers

In this product, you will see a series of videos covering a variety of questions from subscribers to Hypnotist Michae...

$49.00 USD

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Book a Session

Book a Skype or in person session with Hypnotist Michael White

$150.00 USD

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Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis March 17-18, 2017 Location: 9219 Katy Frwy., Ste 190, Houston, TX 77024 ATTENTION: Master ...

$399.00 USD

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10 Hypnotic Influence Tools

10 Hypnotic Influence Tools (and bonuses) show you... How To Easily Embed Conversational Hypnosis Into Your ...

$47.00 USD

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Improve Study Habits with Hypnosis

With this hypnotic audio file, you can train your brain to:Improve Study HabitsIncrease Memory and RecallTap into the...

$10.00 USD

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"Sleep Through Your Partners Snoring" Audio Download

Finally Some Relief! No more sleepless nights... No more complaining about the noise... No more fatigue due to lac...

$10.00 USD

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Hypnosis Fundamentals eBook

Now available in digital format, my most popular book on hypnosis. This book contains all of the information you need...

$35.00 USD

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Here's What You'll Learn To Become a Hypnotist

What is Hypnosis

Learn what hypnosis is, as what it is not.

How the Mind Works

Learn about the mental processes that occur during hypnosis


Learn about the different types of hypnotic inductions

Overcoming Fears and Misconceptions

Learn about the most common fears and misconceptions, and how to overcome them.


Learn basic approaches for the 3 most common request for hypnosiss

Sample Forms and Scripts

Get sample intake forms, referral requests and boilerplate scripts