Learn A Sure Fire Way To Help Your Clients Quit Smoking In As Little As One Session

Hi Hypnotist Michael White here, and I want to talk to you about a new training that I just released that will help you to change peoples lives in a very profound and impactful way.

First, let me cover a few numbers...

  • 480,000 - The approximate number of people who die each year from smoking-related illnesses
    • This includes the 41,000 people who are impacted by second-hand smoke
  • 1 in 5 deaths (20%) in the U.S. are related to smoking
  • 1,300 people per day die because of smoking-related illnesses
  • On average smokers tend to live 10 years less than non-smokers

Let's face it, smoking is not only a nasty and disgusting habit, it is also a VERY deadly one.

But What if YOU had a way to impact these numbers in a positive way?

What if YOU could help people overcome this deadly habit to live better lives?

And what if YOU could help people while building your hypnosis practice?

Well, YOU can!

You see, hypnosis is the single most effective way to help people to stop smoking

While other methods like pills, patches, and gums only have a success rate of between 3%-6%...

Hypnosis, on average, has a 60% or greater success rate with motivated clients.  That's because many smokers don't have a strong chemical addiction.  What they have is a behavioral pattern or habit, and that's why Hypnosis can help the most.

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis is one of the easiest and most fulfilling services you can offer...and it can be VERY LUCRATIVE!

I personally know hypnotists that are running Six Figure Practices, offering Stop Smoking as their ONLY service offering.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in practice for some time, if you are not offering Stop Smoking services, then you are missing out...

Missing out on Helping People...

  • Take Back control of their lives
  • Live longer healthier lives
  • Save their hard earned money

Running Stop Smoking Sessions for Individuals or Groups is the easiest and fastest way to gain tons of experience and develop your skills and confidence.

In my "How To Conduct A Stop Smoking Session For Client Success" course, I provide you with all of the tools you need to incorporate this service offering into your practice.

In this course we'll cover:

  • What to do from the very first phone call from prospective clients
  • How to pre-screen your clients so that you are only working with the most motivated clients
  • How to help your client's Prepare To Quit
  • How to uncover triggers to smoke and secondary gain issues, as well as how to address them in your session
  • What tools to give your client for coping with triggers and cravings
  • How to implement a Powerful Post-Hypnotic Suggestion that continuously compounds your change work

And as a Bonus, you will also receive:

  • Sample Questionnaires to help uncover motivations for quitting smoking
  • Sample Scripts that you can use as a guide for creating your own custom sessions
  • A recording of a Live Session with a couple of smokers, so that you can see how all of the pieces come together

Let's summarize what you will receive:

  • Hours of audio and video instruction ($800 Value)
  • Sample documents and scripts ($100 Value)
  • Live Demonstration recording ($500 Value)
  • Lifetime access to this training (Priceless)

That's over $1,400 worth of material!

But you won't pay $1,400 for this training. 

Today, you can get all of this, including Lifetime Access to this course...

For ONLY $200!

I normally charge $250 per client for Stop Smoking Sessions.  I have colleagues who charge as much as $1,000 for Stop Smoking Sessions.  So, you can easily see that with just ONE Stop Smoking Client, this training will pay for itself.

And here is one more Fast Acting BONUS!

Purchase today and receive my book "Your Perception IS Your Reality - The Truth About Hypnosis" (a $35 value) absolutely FREE!

Just click on the "Purchase Offer" button on this page to gain instant access NOW!

Se you on the other side.

Michael C. White, C.Ht.


How to run a stop smoking hypnosis session

How to effectively run a stop smoking hypnosis session for the highest success for your clients.

$200.00 USD