Learn How To Hypnotize People Within Minutes, or Even SECONDS, and Send Them Into A Deep Hypnotic Trance

Instant and Rapid Inductions are the best way to work with your clients. These techniques allow you to get your clients into state quickly, so you can maximize your time doing change work.

Whether you are a Street and Stage Hypnotist, or a Clinical Hypnotherapist, you will find these techniques easy to learn
and utilize it in your daily practice.

This workshop is filled with several demonstrations of both instant and rapid inductions, with detailed breakdowns of each.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How to utilize Instant and Rapid Inductions with your clients
  • How instant and rapid inductions work
  • How to turn just about anything into an instant or rapid induction
  • How to perform instant and rapid inductions safely with any size client
  • Learn the subtle nuances of these inductions to maximize your success

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Instant and Rapid Inductions

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